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A lot has happened in the last few months and now I’m ready to share with you all about my experience being on tv. Yep you read that sentence right your girl was on Indy Now TV. So let’s go back to the beginning. It was just another ordinary day sitting at the kitchen table checking my emails when. I get an email from one of the producers of Indy Now TV. Of course I thought it was a spam so asked my husband if it was legit.

He use to work at Fox 59 Indianapolis Location. He recognized the logo and said yep its legit. So Im instantly freaking out that Indy Now TV wanted little old me to be on the show. This all happened on International Women’s Day and it couldn’t be any better. So I emailed back saying yes I was interested in being on the show.

Once the the finalized date happened the real work started. Trying to figure out what I wanted the four minute segment to be all about. Yep four minutes, let’s be honest I could talk forever about what I do because I love it. So I came up with questions that Ryan and Jillian could ask me. We would talk about our luffa soap, bar soap and fun kid shaped soap.

Had to take photos of my products and some video for them to use during commercial breaks. So roped in the hubby and even the kiddo for that. Sent off all the photos, video and information. That was it until the day of the segment.

One of the many photos I sent to Indy Now TV

So day of segment got up and got dressed and grabbed my product and props and went out the door. Definitely stopped at Starbucks and got me a Strawberry Refresher. Your girl needed some coffee but not too much. Waited outside in the parking lot for a bit then went into the building. I’m always showing up too early for things its just in my nature.

Got to chill in the green room along with everyone else that was there that day for the show. Ryan comes out introduces himself and says we’re gonna talk about how your husband wanted soap and you made him beer soap. Aka the origin story on how this business all started and I was like cool. So basically everything I had mapped out to say scratch that were going with the flow on this one. Yep basically everything I said was gonna be on the fly.

It was my time to go on back and set up my table. Which I have never seen the back end of a working TV show and it was pretty cool. So at this point I’m waiting in my spot with everything set up and my hands are sweating and I’m totally getting nervous. Commercial break happens we chat a bit about what’s about to happen and this big prompter screen is in front of me and I keep telling myself don’t look at the words. So here we go Ryans talking asking questions Im explaining what we have in front of us. I say Orange Diplodocus and he says what? than they play jurassic park theme song.

All the Dinosaur Shaped Soap

Honestly after that point I’m just trying to act casual and make sure I don’t read Ryans words that he is supposed to say. Than cue the commercial and my segment is over. My table gets rolled to the back and I pack up and I’m headed out of there. It was a whirlwind experience but pretty amazing. Now after Im done at the studio I headed back to Starbucks because I deserve a drink after that. Plus I still needed to go home and help my kiddo with his school. Yep business women to Teacher/Mom life.

During the segment I introduced a limited quantity Easter basket bundle that I had on the site. I initial made four of them thinking that would be enough. I sold all four in the first hour after the show. I ended up selling eight by the time the season was over with. I was flabbergasted and in total shock. All of the kind messages I received that day saying oh hey saw you on tv or you did so great.

Easter Basket Bundle

I still couldn’t believe that a small town girl was on TV and for all the right reasons. Funny thing was I kept seeing a lot of vendor friends I know on the show and thought how cool if one day I got to be on there too. I remember Ryan saying we saw your Instagram and loved it. He was basically saying that all this content I had been doing was working. I was achieving goals and some I didn’t know were possible. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity and will remember it always. Even my kiddo was so excited to tell me he saw me on the tv and to give me praise.

My set up At 31SVN Dance Studio

From that point on I was on a roll knocking out my fears and accomplishing tasks. I managed to get two wholesale orders and a dance studio to put my soap in. Than it was straight into busy market season and that was pretty successful to. I basically got a confident booster to keep doing what I love. That’s just it I love what I do and I’m gonna keep on going and I hope you follow along with me on this crazy journey because you never know what I’m gonna be doing next.

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