Sudsie Marie Commercials

My Marketing Team

Let’s be honest, my husband is one of the most handsome, thoughtful, most wonderful person that has ever been in my life. And I am not just saying that, and noooooo, he is definitely not writing this article. Everything I am saying is coming from me, The mom from Sudsie Marie. My marketing team, always finds clever ways to expand the reach of my branding. 

Often times, I catch him staying up late, thinking of the next best video to help all of you get to know the Sudsie Brand just a little better. I am always amazed at how brilliant he is, writing scripts, production planning, acting and even video. 

My husband is a man of many talents. I am such a lucky person to have him in my life. I remember when Sudsie Marie first started. It was because my wonderful husbands asked if I could make him beersoap. This whole venture steam out from his love of handmade soaps and his encouragement for me to pursue my DIY passions.

So before you know it, I started Sudsie Marie and my journey to bring you all natural goats milk soaps. 

I hope you enjoy the following videos that my husband produce for your viewing pleasure. Ohhhhhh I am so amazed at the quality of the production.  

If you enjoyed at, please consider checking out all the product options at the sudsie marie store. Thank you for your continued support. Let us know in the comments below which commercial was your favorite. 

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