So I wanted to share with you the steps I’m taking to protect you and your family during this time. I will note that these are steps that I previously did before Covid-19 but just added in an extra layer of sanitization.

First off any supplies that arrive get wiped down before being used or put on the shelf. All utensils, molds, bowls are sprayed with rubbing alcohol before each and every use. When I’m finished using them to make product they get washed and sanitized before being put back on shelf. All surfaces are wiped down and sprayed before and after each use. I wash my hands and wear gloves when making products.

cleaning supplies

I take the health of my family and yours very seriously and put lots of love into each product. These safety practices I’ve put in place will remain regardless of what’s going on with Covid 19. Rest assure that Sudsie Marie is here for you and cares.

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